The Foundation was established for the purpose of:

  1. culture, art, protection of cultural heritage and traditions,
  2. science, education,
  3. sport, recreation and tourism,
  4. health care and social assistance,
  5. philanthropy and charity,
  6. vocational and social rehabilitation of persons in need of support,
  7. creating units help and support for those unable to work and for people who need social rehabilitation,
  8. dissemination and popularization of dance as one of the areas of social life,
  9. learning to dance, choreo, social rehabilitation, integration in the classroom and meetings,
  10. organization and support the initiatives of local, regional, national and international promotion of healthy lifestyles, health education, collaboration with other NGOs,
  11. organization of workshops, lectures, screenings, conferences, festivals, shows, concerts.

The Foundation pursues its goals through:

  1. Lessons, workshops and training
  2. Organizing and co-organizing all activities which promote and disseminate dance – concerts, festivals, film screenings, lectures and exhibitions, public awareness campaigns, TV Shows
  3. Provide training, events, and incentives, designed for people with different backgrounds, people with disabilities, the elderly and others with limited access to culture and leisure
  4. Promoting a healthy, active lifestyle
  5. Inclusiveness and equality of opportunity for getting to dance, music and recreation
  6. The use of dance and choreo to those in need of rehabilitation
  7. Promoting a variety of educational and cultural activities for the elderly and disabled
  8. Integration of persons associated with the dance, cooperation with other organizations with similar objectives
  9. .International cooperation, exchange of experience, joint educational and cultural activities
  10. The publishing of a dance culture
  11. Proposing various forms of dance leisure – kids club, dance café
  12. Assistance in finding employees related to culture, recreation and dance

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